Lucaffe New Zealand, The story so far...

Lucaffe New Zealand has been for the last 7 years bringing the Espresso Coffee Pod System to Kiwi homes and offices and are the agents for Lucaffe coffee and LaPIccola pod espresso machines for New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Supplying both Espresso Coffee Machines and Espresso E.S.E paper Coffee Pods, CoffeeTrendz stock a variety of the highest quality Italian made Espresso machines to suit all decors and Espresso E.S.E paper coffee pods to suit all taste buds.

E.S.E paper Espresso Pod Coffee was first produced in Italy more than 20 years ago. Today there are over 700 coffee roasters in Italy alone who offer Pod coffee. There are many reasons for the increased popularity for coffee made with a pod, some of these include:

Consistency in every cup. There is no guess work of grinder settings or the tamping down of ground coffee in the group. In fact, you do not even need to invest in a grinder. No mess from coffee grounds overflow.

No oxidisation. The coffee pod has been ground and packaged in a controlled environment, at the correct temperature and humidity and is packaged in a sealed envelope which guarantees freshness until you open it. No waste-No bitter coffee.

No chemical back flushing required. The ground coffee is trapped in a paper sachet through which the water is forced to extract the Espresso. Contained in the sachet, the granules can not work themselves back into the machine which means there is no need for back flushing with chemicals to stop old granules tainting the fresh water for the next coffee.
These days there is a lot of confusion between describing coffee pods and coffee capsules. A lot of people refer to capsules as pods, they are however quit different from each other in more ways than one:
-E.S.E. pods are made from food grade paper, capsules are made from plastic and aluminium.
-E.S.E. paper pods contain 7 or 14 grams of coffee while most plastic capsules contain only 5 grams of coffee.
-E.S.E. paper pods sell at a lower price point than capsules, as the manufactering process for capsules is more expensive. 
-E.S.E. paper pods are fully biodegradeble (E.S.E. pods make excellent compost!) Capsules will end up as land fill. 
For the home, office, the hospitality industry or even the holiday batch, Lucaffe is confident to have a solution for you.

We offer a free three day trial for companies that are considering either buying or renting a Pod Espresso machine. The proof is in the tasting.